This place is a fisherman’s paradise. Hunga and the surrounding Vava’u area offers a dynamic mix of fishing options, fishing techniques, and an array of different species to target. You could fish all day if you wanted, your only problem being what style of fishing to do and what fish to target.


The Lagoon and the Island’s surrounding water has recently become a special management area with fishing only allowed by permit granted by the people of Hunga (Special Committee).

The eastern half of the lagoon has become a fish habitat reserve, where no marine life can be removed, such as fish and other marine life by anyone.  Snorkeling, swimming and visiting by kayak or boat is allowed. Please respect our local environment. A large sign giving details is located by the village jetty and there is a line of buoys indicating the fish habitats areas.


Inside the lagoon is great for lure fishing, including soft bait plastics, slow trolled ribbed lures, spinning lures and probably any other lure you try.  Trevally are often seen chasing baitfish and hanging around the moorings and put up a great fight once hooked. The Blue Fin Trevally also makes great sashimi. Barracuda are often seen right in at the shallows on ‘One’atea beach feeding on bait fish and can be targeted from the shore or even the deck if you feel like it! Small silver lures in the mornings seem to be a great time for targeting these fish and they are great to eat.  Night fishing has also proved fruitful and exciting. You never know what may be lurking around hungry for a luminescent soft plastic, or cube of bait. There are some crazy looking fish in this lagoon!

There are many spots as yet unexplored for this style of fishing. Softbait fishing at the ‘False Entrance’ at low tide is a 5 minute walk down the beach from ‘One’atea, and has proved successful for snapper and other unnamed species. What has been the real teaser though are the large dark shapes that cruise up and down the area amongst the reef, but have not taken anything the writer has thrown at it…yet!

Throwing poppers from Pēpē (the small boat) has proved lots of fun, and is still in its exploratory stages. Reef edges can be targeted in and around the blue lagoon or on a calm day outside the entrance amongst the wash.

Straight outside the Hunga lagoon the ocean drops down to an incredible 500m deep within 1km from shore. Frequenting this area in good numbers are Blue Marlin, Skipjack Tuna, Yellow Fin Tuna, Sailfish, Mahi Mahi and Wahoo. Other species such as Black Marlin, Striped Marlin, Shortbill Spearfish, Spanish Mackeral and Dogtooth Tuna are also caught. The main method to target these species is by trolling lures, with live-baiting becoming increasingly popular.

Some of these species, Yellow Fin Tuna, Mahi Mahi and Wahoo can be targeted in the small boat Pēpē outside the lagoon on a calm day. But to really experience this fishing to its full extent why not book a day with one of Vava’u’s top charter fishermen, successful and respected skipper – Steve Campbell, aboard his new vessel. Steve is the current holder of over 100 current National and Club line class records together with 32 All Tackle Records.

Organised boat fishing trips are available. This could include bottom fishing, live-baiting, trolling or softbaiting. It is suggested you talk to your host prior to, or on arrival if you wish to do this, so that a plan can be organised and scheduled.

There is a good general selection of rods and reels at the house for guests to use.  The general store in Neiafu stocks a good supply of fishing gear if you need to re-stock while in Vava’u





Coastal Boats 3.8m aluminium pontoon boat. 15hp Yamaha 2 Stroke, 25 litre tank, rod holders, portable VHF, anchor. A great little boat for exploring, swimming, snorkeling, & fishing.


6m Island style with a very experienced local skipper


4m ‘swing’